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"All Eyes On Her," Monte Said. - Exchange Fantasy for Self Emporwerment

“All Eyes On Her,” Monte Said. – Exchange Fantasy for Self Emporwerment

A woman with an eye for what a man has an eye for…

Recently, a friend of mine I’ll call Monte, told me that, “men fear women the way that man fears God.” Do you agree?  Monte is happily heterosexual but his mentality is sexually liberal and he shares a male’s perspective with me that I simply can’t find anywhere else, so I’m sharing him with you.  He said a woman’s first weakness is ignorance of…

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Semi-Annual Sale with

We’re in luck, ladies! is having their semi-annual sale until Saturday. I wouldn’t hesitate to stock up on some lip gloss and fresh lingerie styles.

The Deal: Lip Gloss (2 for $15)

Pop this Hint of Mint Lipgloss in your purse for gorgeous lips on the go! Our Hint of Mint Lipgloss is offered in six sheer, shiny shades to complement any mood. Along with a refreshing mint scent,…

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modeling tips: where to place your arms

modeling tips: where to place your arms

When you pose, where you place your arms and hands can make the form of your body look more elegant and even seductive. I’ve picked out some photos I’ve done in the past to give you some ideas on how to post during your boudoir photography session.

1. Place one hand on your knee and one arm on your ankle as you sit on the floor (the position below).


2. Sit sideways. Place your arm in a bent…

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Know Your Rights: privacy for models and clients

Know Your Rights: privacy for models and clients

Being in the boudoir photography business, there are some privacy issues that come up, and there are laws that exist to protect you, the client and/or model. Whenever I want to use a client’s image for my portfolio and social media, I always ask the client through email (which is important to keep so there is proof).

However, some photographers may not ask and may publish your photos anyway.…

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